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This is every KISS influenced drawing I did during college. Some good, some not so good. A handful of the
better ones were featured in the band's 1995 coffee table book, KISSTORY (identified by page number labels).

Portraits of KISS (Created while attending
the Art Institute of Boston 1978-1980)

Other artwork from that period. Pencil, watercolor, pen & ink, colored pencil, guoache, acrylic, and charcoal.
Cartooning was a big influence on my artwork during this time.

Additional artwork from AIB (1977-1980)

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From the archives, the following artwork was created between 1974 and 1977. These were classroom
assignments and homework. The last four images, beginning with the sports-themed cartoon, were created
for the 1976-77 yearbook.

Spaulding High School (1974-1977)


All illustrations © Pete Sanfaçon. All Rights Reserved.